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More events!

We are very excited to announce not just one new event but two!

For those who voted in our survey, we heard you! One of the most popular choices for webinar topics was artificial intelligence in electrochemistry. Hence, we present to you our first of two new events - a presentation on the applications of machine learning in the field of battery research, to be presented by Dr. Kristen Severson, a post doctoral fellow at IBM. This event will be open to anyone who is interested whether you are a university or high school student or even if you already work in industry and are curious, like us, about such topic! We're always excited to share our knowledge with fellow researchers around the world as well as intrigued students interested to learn more about electrochemistry :)

Our second event is another joint event with NSERC Create Me2 where Dr. Jeff Gostick, our advisor who is also part of the Create Me2 program, will outline the general approach for pore network modelling of the complex multiphysics involved in electrode reactions. His presentation will also include case studies of the various accomplishments his group has achieved using pore network modelling. This event will be open to graduate students through registration only, so make sure to complete your registration!

For more information about the above events, head over to our upcoming events page

! We look forward to seeing you at either or both of these events :)


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