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Past Events

2023 Events

Ice cream Social

September 21, 2023

We kicked off the fall term with an ice cream social event for our members! Event photos can be found in our gallery page.

Electrochemistry Techniques Series
Interface Matters: The Role of Impedance Spectroscopy for Solid-State Batteries

September 27, 2023

2023 Sept - Interface Matters.png

This event was a virtual seminar that talked about the use of electrochemical spectroscopy in the analysis of solid-state batteries from both a theoretical and practical viewpoints. The talk was divided into two sections:

  1. Theory and modelling of the anode interface (e.g., Li|LLZO) – presented by Dr. Janis Eckhardt

  2. Experiments showing how EIS is an effective tool for studying the anode interfaces – presented by Till Ortmann.

Upon request from the presenters, there is no available recordings for this session.

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